Sail Beats Week FAQ

Q: Where can I find all the information for the tour once I’ve booked?
A: This will be emailed to you closer to the departure date.

Q: Is there air con?
A: All the cabins have air con on the 32 berth yachts. Please note, we will be at sea, therefore if the air con does fail, it is unlikely it can be fixed.

Q: Are there double cabins?
A: To guarantee a double bed cabin please contact us. Due to the boat layout, this may not be possible.

Q: Is there somewhere to store luggage?
A: There is enough space inside the cabin but it’s a boat and you’re sharing a space so please be mindful of how much your pack.

Q: Can I book accommodation before or after the tour?
A: We offer an ADD-ON service including accommodation in Split before and after the trip.

Q: How do I get to Split?
A: The best way to get to Split will be by direct flight or you could take a ferry or travel by bus or car from other cities and towns in Croatia.

Q: What’s the cheapest or easiest way to get to Split?
A: To save money on flights we recommend early booking. Sail Beats Croatia falls the week before Ultra and therefore accommodation and flight prices could get expensive.

Q: What’s the best way to get from the UK to Sail Beats Week?
A: Take a look at expedia.com or easy jet flight and accommodation packages.

Q: How much spending money do I need for food per day?
A: Meals will cost anywhere from $9-25 and the food on the coast is amazing!

Q: How much do drinks cost in the bars?
A: From 4 to 12 Euros per drink

Q: What is the general age of people on the tour?
A: The tour guests will be aged from 18-39 with two similar interests, travel and music.

Q: Will there be opportunity to see much of the islands and Coast towns?
A: The tour itinerary is created so you’ll get a great mix of culture and music across all the islands, tours we visit. Due to the schedule of the boats and weather we can not guarantee time or the exact schedule for the week in advance.

Q: Does it get cold at night?
A: Not really, but you will be at sea and it can be windy so it’s advisable to pack a jumper, hoodie and waterproof jacket.

Q: Do clubs have dress codes?
A: Smart casual clothing would always be advised. Be prepared for day and night clubbing and don’t forget our fancy dress parties.

Q: Do the Yachts have power?
A: Yes, all Yachts have power, although you may want to consider bringing spare batteries and boosters for mobile phones and sockets will be limited.

Q: What plugs sockets do the yachts have?
A: European plugs

Q: Will there be space to store food and drink?
A: The boats do have fridges but these are only for the use of the crew to store food for the passengers. You will have space to store in your rooms so please be aware space is limited. You will receive breakfast and lunch daily.

Q: Can you smoke on the boats?
A: Only on the deck

Q: Are drugs illegal in Croatia?
A: Yes, we have zero tolerance to drugs.

Q: What time should I arrive before the tour starts?
A: At least 1 hour before. The team will be on hand to help and once you’re checked in, you can meet the crew and your fellow travellers at our first location.

Q: What time should I book return flights?
A: You will need to depart the Yacht by 12pm so please allow a reasonable time before booking onward travel.

Q: Do I need travel insurance? What should I be covered for?
A: Yes. Coverage of medical evacuation abroad, a wide variety of adventures and lost luggage. You will be asked to provide a copy of your travel insurance on check in.

Q: What’s the best way to get flights?
A: We recommend the following websites for booking flights. Depending on where you are travelling from, it can be cheaper to book individual flights, rather than multi stops or returns.

Q: Can I change boats during the trip if I fall in love?
A: No, we have a strict policy on changes, you must stay on the boat you have been allocated

Q: What happens if I don’t make it back to the boat before it departs?
A: The boat will leave and you have to catch a ferry to the next island or you will need to arrange a transfer by road.

Q: Will I need cash or can I pay on card on the island?
A: Most companies accept card but it is advisable to have sufficient cash.

Q: What happens if you get sea sick?
A: We will have some motion sickness tablets on board but it’s advisable to carry some with you.

Q: What happens if you fall ill and need medical help?
A: Every island we visit has a medical centre, and there will be a first aid trained guide travelling with us.

Q: Do you need to know how to drive a boat or sail?
A: No, our crew is responsible for this

Q: Do you need to bring food?
A: We have a bar on board but you can also bring your own food. Just keep in mind space will be limited. Throughout the tour you will have opportunities to by food and drink and other items.

Q: Do you have booking terms and conditions?
A: Yes – view terms and conditions for booking Sail Beats Passes here

Q: Have you done this before?
A: Absolutely – check out our video testimonial here

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